Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wait your turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Hawa and I'm try to stop 1 issues that bothers me. I'm writing this post because it is getting out of hand. That everyone know is going out of hand every year. It is teenage pregnancy. All of my post talk about what happens when  you become a teen mom. I feel that teen pregnancy is not necessary. Why can't you wait to be a adult to have a baby? I'm letting you wait until you be a adult. Do you think how much it cost to take care of a baby? Think before doing something that is extremely wrong that would change your life. I feel that teenagers that already had their baby is going through a lot of trouble. I'm want you all teens to think. Remember the little ones and how they are going to follow your foot steps. Stop getting pregnant and wait your turn.



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