Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Juvenile Curfew Is Working.

In this story the author talks about how the New Orleans crime rate was out of control in 1994. They talked about how they but a juvenile curfew.  The curfew was from 6a.m to 8p.m through sunday to thursday and from 11p.m to 6a.m only fridays and saturdays. The curfew applied to those under the ages of 17 years old.
I think this was a good idea to do the curfew. I think this  because the crime rate went down 28 percent.  The curfew also give's kids a good enough sleep fro school the next morning. I know tis was a good idea because after they made this curfew you haven't heard about New Orleans crime rat being so high so yes I  do think this was a good idea to make a curfew law.
I think if they made a curfew law in New York City i don't think it would work. I say people in New York mostly the gangs wouldn't listen to this law. So I think that the crime rate would go up because  most of  the gang related people have guns so if the cops catch try to arrest them and then there would be a shoot out. I also think the crime rate would go up because most people wouldn't follow the curfew law and would be sent to the juvenile center.

So yes thats what I think about the curfew law. 

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