Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Juvenile Curfew Is Working [Excerpt]

Hi my name is Hawa. This article is about the new law because the old one was so bad.
The law didn't care if kids kill each other and they didn't do nothing about it.
How things use to be out of control and they needed to put a stop to it. It talks about how kids were. It also talks about how kids didn't go to jail .

I felt that this article was a good thing to stop it because it would have got out of control.
I felt that if they wouldn't stop it many kids would have been died by now. I felt that this article was a change of other's mind because look how many people wouldn't die. I felt that this article is good because it help us from kill each other.

It wouldn't be good because many people would have been died. Innocent people will be died to. It wouldn't work a lot. Many people will just kill people for no reason. Good thing the law change.


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