Friday, June 12, 2009

Blog Post #3 Our Juvenile Curfew Is Working

The tittle of my article Our Juvenile Curfew Is Working . In this article it talks about the curfew that New Orleans children have . In New Orleans children were dying, citizens didn't feel safe in their own homes, the numbers were staggering . In the article the mayor put curfew times to 8pm to 6am Sunday thru Thursday and from 11pm and 6am Friday and Saturday . 

I feel that the article is good for new orleans because once they got the curfew time the murdering and crime percentage went down . Another reason is because in the article the percent of the crimes went down and the percents are armed robbery dropped 29 percent . Auto theft dropped 28 percent . Murder dropped 16 percent . That the data I found . 

I think if they put curfew in my neighborhood it is not going to work because my block is crip and they don't play with the cops . They will fight back they are not scared to fight . 

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