Wednesday, June 10, 2009

school drop outs!

     My name is Kemelin Gonzalez from the Bronx.  I am a seventh grader attending I.S 339.  I think that it is important for all individuals to get a good education. One issue that really gets under my skin, is the fact that kids don't value getting a good education.  in hopes that maybe if you were thinking of dropping out, you wouldn't.  I am also writing this letter in hopes that if you have already dropped out, you will see that you made a bad decision and you need to go back to school.the reason i wrote this letter   I have been hearing and reading about how teenagers now a days are dropping out of middle school and high school for no apparent reason. Some even drop out for silly reasons like going to hookies which involves being part of an entertainment or sometimes they don't find a place to cut so they just stay home.In closing, I would like you to think about how we already have enough people in this society that didn't take school seriously when they had the opportunity to.  Please listen to the advice that I just gave you in my letter.  Stay in school!  Your education is important if you plan on having a successful future.


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