Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear , All pregnant teens
Hello , My name is Kimberlee. I'm from the Bronx N.y. I'm in Junior High School Attending I.S 339. I been hearing a lot of things about teen girls getting pregnant and how they are proud of having there baby, well let me tell you that no teen girl is responsible to have a baby because some aren't even responsible for their own self's. Also the parents agreeing to the fact that there child the one they thought was a good girl is pregnant, and I'm not hear to talk about how parents care about there child getting pregnant but simply because I really want them to stop and think before they do anything. I feel really surprised and angry because teen girls are getting pregnant and they give little kids bad influence. For example my cousins girlfriend has a baby and my sister had said that she wanted a baby so I felt so Surprised and I was full of anger because now my little sister has in her head that she wants a baby. I feel that way because it bothers me to see all these teen girls like I said before they're giving little kids bad influence and I hope that when you done reading this post you'll get a picture in your head about how I feel

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