Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working

 This Article was about the the programs that they have for juveniles.
It was about the laws that they commit and the hours and the consequences that they have. It is about how they take care of the juveniles.
I feel that they are doing a good job but they should be doing a little bit more about it and I think that they should give them a little bit more of a consequence.

more school, more smarts?

The article I read today was talking about how the gov and the mayor were thinking about making school year around or up to Saturday. but the kids don't agree with them they want there weekends off. also 3,000 other schools are already year around ,across th e country politicians and school offcials are suggesting that the answer to poor student achievement is more school.

More School More Smart

This article mainly talks about how they want more school for kids to have more education and how they want us to stay in school for longer so that we can have a higher grades and high grade average that was what this article mostly talk about.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More schools,More smarts?

This article was about how they want more days in the school years because they think that people in middle school have poor grades.  Also they think that they should put two hours after school also have a long summer and come back to school with a implement year round schedule.  Also they think that we should have 30 days extra after school is over because it would help our grades and achievement.

   I feel that this article is alright because some students don't want longer days in school. Also i think that we should just keep the school year the way it is and not change it.

    I don't think this would work where we live because some kids don't even go to school also some kids don't like to stay long hours after school and some have places to go.  Also I think that we should just keep our school year the way it is because it isn't going to change anything.

More School, More Smarts?

 This article was about how they want to change our school hours and they want to put more days because they figure that if we be there longer that we will learn more and our grades will grow. 
I think that school should not be longer because if people do not like to learn now then they are not going to want to stay longer and for more days they are just going to do the same that they are doing now. 

This article was about how people want more school or longer school days. I this article it talks about how the mayors of different states wants more school or longer school days because they wanted the education to increase so students can all get a high grade.

More School, More Smarts?

In the first paragraph of the story More School, More Smarts? talks about how the government is trying to put in money to make more days of school and hours. They trying to make us smarter by giving us more days and hours of stressed.

More School, More Smarts?

This story was about a V.I.P. This story is about a adult who wants more school days and more people being smart. In this story it talks about how the mayor of different states wants more longer school days. They want it because the education is very poor so they want it to increase.
Children could get a high grade.

I feel that student should not have more school days because what about the day off.
I also feel that we should have more school days because many people are failing classes.
I feel that if kids learn it would be easier.
It wouldn't be no one thinking of kids having more schools.

If it was where I live it would be good.
I think that because kids here aren't learning.
KIds would learn more and be smart.
Kids wouldn't go to summer school.
It would be easier of kids. 

More School, More Smarts?

The story is about the mayor, The mayor wants to do Saturday classes and wants to do more day of the school. They don`t want the kids to have a longer summer and they want the kids to have more school days. They should not do that because the kids is not going to have more freedom time and they going to be stress out. I think the government is trying to make the kids life boring.

More School, More Smarts?

Well this article is about a man who wants students to stay in school for 2 extra hours each day and New York City Mayor Rudy wants Saturday classes.  Also this article is about schools all around wants there students to stay and have Saturday school. 
Well how I feel about this article is that I think that students should not have Saturday school because I think that weekend is for themselves. I think this idea is not a good idea because weekends is for us to get away from school.
I think this wont work where we live because it is not a good idea for us because it is not fair for students to come to school on there free time.

More School, More Smarts?

The story More School, More Smarts talks about how some Majors, Goveners want more days of school. They want us to have school on Saturday's and that they want us to go to school threw out the school year. I think that this is really not a good idea because if we go to school the whole year and we don't have no summer vacation it would take more money out of all teachers money and I really think this is a stupid idea because that would make some kids drop out school because of how many months , days , and hours we have !

More School, More Smart?

This article was a bout how they want more days in the school years because they think that we need more achievement in our grades.   Also they think that across the country politicians and school officials are suggesting that  the answer to poor student achievement is more school.

I feel that this article is every nice but at the same time i think that its really mean because even though we go to school i don't know how many days we still get our education right and we don't complain about nothing.

i think that will never happen here. Because nobody will go and they will still make hooky and cut to other places.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working (excerpt)

This article is about a man that wanted to be curfew because he said that bad things was happening before when here was no curfew had went down a lot.  He wanted the world to be a better place and when he went and made curfew so that the bad things that was happening can stop.  They can make a change on everyone.  They made the crew to 8pm to 6am Sunday through Thursday and from 11 to 6pm and Saturday.
I feel that the article was very smart because if we do that then maybe the world be a better place and we can get a bigger population.  Also if we do this we might help our world a little bit more.
Well I think it might help but I'm not to sure because some people in this world would not like to do anything like that for our world. So I say no.

Our Juvenile Curfew

Hi my name is Maimouna this article is about how things use to be out of control and they needed to put a so to it.
In this article that I just read if felt that it was great idea to put a stop to crime. This article was an good choice because if they didn't work this out then many bad things such as shoplifting, murder, and many more will still be in action. It is good because it's a great way to stop all crime.
Well this article will help very much cause crime can be a scary thing.

Our Juvenile Curfew Is Working [Excerpt]

Hi my name is Hawa. This article is about the new law because the old one was so bad.
The law didn't care if kids kill each other and they didn't do nothing about it.
How things use to be out of control and they needed to put a stop to it. It talks about how kids were. It also talks about how kids didn't go to jail .

I felt that this article was a good thing to stop it because it would have got out of control.
I felt that if they wouldn't stop it many kids would have been died by now. I felt that this article was a change of other's mind because look how many people wouldn't die. I felt that this article is good because it help us from kill each other.

It wouldn't be good because many people would have been died. Innocent people will be died to. It wouldn't work a lot. Many people will just kill people for no reason. Good thing the law change.


Our Juvenile Curfew is Working (Excerpt)

This article is about have curfew hours so that the city can reduced murders,auto theft,and armed robbery. The curfew hours are from 8 p.m to 6 a.m from Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday the curfew hours was 11 p.m to 6 a.m. If kids are found out of their house after the curfew hour they will be take take to a juvenile center and their parents will have to pick them up. Since the curfew hours armed robbery has dropped by 29%, auto theft has dropped down 28%, and murder dropped by 26%.

I feel that the article is good because it has changed the world since they have put the curfew hours. I feel that if crimes stop in one place 25-30% then if they put it around the world they might

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working(excerpt)

This article is about how in new Orleans,Louisiana they have a  curfew for juvenile.  So they have a program that is called juvenile curfew law.  The curfew are from 8p.m to 6a.m.  Sunday through through Thursday, and from 11p.m to 6a.m.  Friday and Saturday.  They say that it works over there because after 60 days of implementation, juvenile crime during curfew hours decreased by 38 percent. after 90 days, overall crime had dropped by 14.6 percent. 

I feel that the article was good because I think that it really teaches the juvenile how to keep them in control and on lock down.  That's really good because like that they cant be doing nothing bad and stay out of trouble, and that's every good.

I think that curfew wouldn't work here because even if the kids go to jail or what ever they still do the same thing even though they in probation or what ever.  So it wont work here for nothing.


Our Juvenile Curfew is Working

The article "Our Juvenile Curfew is Working" is about how the mayor of New Orleans created the Juvenile Curfew Law. The law is capable if being applied to children under the age of 17. It takes place in a Curfew center in which parents are instructed to pick up their children after curfew hours and to attend counseling sessions. After a certain amount of days, global crime had dropped immensely. The statistics proved the community's curfew is working and will continue.
I feel like this law was a very good idea and I'm glad that the mayor cared so much about his community that he decided to take a huge step and create this law. I strongly believe that this was very smart of him and he actually made a difference. 
I believe this law would work here in New York but only if the children's parents cooperate. I say this because there are many cases where kids behave the way they do because their parents don't care about their actions. 

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working (excerpt)

Today we read a article called Our Juvenile Curfew is Working and is about how young juvenile needs curfew to stay out of trouble and also to have a better and safer community.

I think it was a good idea because New Orleans became a much safer place.

I think it might work from teens gettin into trouble with adults at night because thats when most of the bad stuff happends. The Bronx would be a little more safer for teens.

Our Juvenile Curfew Is Working

Hello My Edwin. Im In the 7th grade. I want to read you a summary. The people that was involved in this story was the children from juvenile. There were a lot of robbery, murder, and crazy crimes. The thing that happen that people was hating on people and treating them bad.

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working (excerpt)

   This article was about how juvenile kids did not go by their curfews.  The rates was so high they had to do something to make a change now that they have change the curfew time the statistics prove that their curfew is working.  The new law is keeping youths off the streets and out of trouble.  Their new law is helping families be more responsive to their communities.

   I feel that this article was very good and interesting. I think that it was a good idea because a lot of young people are getting into trouble because they are always out all day and night.  Also it is making us more responsible and careful about our actions.

   I think it would work but people need to be willing to help us.  I think if we get a curfew it would help kids get off of the block and stay out of trouble for example gangs,drag dealers,robbers,and death. So I think that it would be best if we had a curfew to so we can be safe and not have to go threw the things that we see people go threw.   

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working (excerpt)

This article is about having curfew hours so the city could be more safer. The curfew hours was to all of the kids. And if the kids broke the law they wouldn't go to jail. The curfew hours were 8:00Pm to 6:00Am. And it says that the juvenile crime decreased 38%. After 90 days overall crime had dropped by 14.6%. The crimes most significantly affected were armed robbery down 29%. Auto theft down 28%. And murder down 26%. As compared with the summer of 1993

I feel that this article would work in my neighborhood because their would be less killing and less drug dealers and less violence. And there wouldn't be that much kids dying because they stay outside for too long. I think this worked because all of these crimes went down.

I think this would work all over the world because all these crimes would drop down even less than the percent they showed.

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working ( excerpt )

      The story talks about how in May 1994, New Orleans People where dying , some didn't even feel safe in their own homes violence was out of control.  They thought about a Curfew Center how maybe the idea would work, some curfew hours where to 8 p.m to 6 a.m Sundays through Thursday and 11 p.m 6 a.m Friday and Saturday but those are only for ages 17 and under. I feel like a good idea and I think its a bad idea because violence is out of control and the only thing that they are doing is curfews at what time they are suppose to be home and what time you can go outside. I feel like its good idea because some people stay outside doing nothing with their friends and making noise so that other people can wake up. I think that this idea wouldn't work around where I live because around where I live nothing stops bad people not even polices.

Blog Post #3 Our Juvenile Curfew Is Working

The tittle of my article Our Juvenile Curfew Is Working . In this article it talks about the curfew that New Orleans children have . In New Orleans children were dying, citizens didn't feel safe in their own homes, the numbers were staggering . In the article the mayor put curfew times to 8pm to 6am Sunday thru Thursday and from 11pm and 6am Friday and Saturday . 

I feel that the article is good for new orleans because once they got the curfew time the murdering and crime percentage went down . Another reason is because in the article the percent of the crimes went down and the percents are armed robbery dropped 29 percent . Auto theft dropped 28 percent . Murder dropped 16 percent . That the data I found . 

I think if they put curfew in my neighborhood it is not going to work because my block is crip and they don't play with the cops . They will fight back they are not scared to fight . 

Our Juvenile Curfew Is Working.

In this story the author talks about how the New Orleans crime rate was out of control in 1994. They talked about how they but a juvenile curfew.  The curfew was from 6a.m to 8p.m through sunday to thursday and from 11p.m to 6a.m only fridays and saturdays. The curfew applied to those under the ages of 17 years old.
I think this was a good idea to do the curfew. I think this  because the crime rate went down 28 percent.  The curfew also give's kids a good enough sleep fro school the next morning. I know tis was a good idea because after they made this curfew you haven't heard about New Orleans crime rat being so high so yes I  do think this was a good idea to make a curfew law.
I think if they made a curfew law in New York City i don't think it would work. I say people in New York mostly the gangs wouldn't listen to this law. So I think that the crime rate would go up because  most of  the gang related people have guns so if the cops catch try to arrest them and then there would be a shoot out. I also think the crime rate would go up because most people wouldn't follow the curfew law and would be sent to the juvenile center.

So yes thats what I think about the curfew law. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lesson

Today In class We was reading a letter  about teens girls that have done crazy stuff like a 16-year-old who give birth on the toilet in Atlantic city bus terminal and left her baby in it. Other girl that got arrested on murder charges after giving birth in the bathroom at her high school prom. But I really liked this letter because it really was like a eye opening for me like I didn't know that all of that stuff really happen. 


Hi is me again Escarling. In the last post i was talking about the unit my class was doing and i talking about smoking. The problem that i got with smoking is that its killing young people and they are getting cancer. I feel mad and sad at the same time. I feel this way because really when you finish smoking no stress left only you are going to get sick and could die.

TEEN Girls Need Self Work Lessons

In this article it talks about how and why teen age girls act the way they do. The author is talking about how he lost his daughter. Not lost her as in she died but lost her as a person. He the author says the main things turning teen age girls the way they are is " the mass media, pop culture. The author also said that he also has a 6 year old daughter and he won't let what happened to his first daughter happen to her.

I feel like the author is right. Even though I love music that they play on the radio ,I also hate the way the music influences us younger people to do wrong and how to speak. I also think that girls have problems. I say this because call each other inappropriate names but if a boy calls them the same names that they call each other, they get mad and are ready to fight .I also think that the author was right about that one to.

teen girls need self-worth lessons

Hi my name is Hawa I'm in the 7th grade.
The article that I'm reading is called Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lessons.
This article is about a father who had lost a daughter.
He is trying to stop that issues. It happened to his daughter.  
He doesn't want it to happen to nobody.

I feel that girls are all over boys and some boys are not all over them.
I feel that girls need to stop getting over boys.
I feel that girls don't think before they do something.
I feel that some boys are all over girls to.

If it was where I live the world would have been not so good.
It would be fights every single day.
I think that girls would get pregnant every second.
It would be people dying.
The world would be destroyed.

Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lessons

The article that I'm reading is about how a father has lost his daughter because she made disastrous choice after another. He has tried everything to approach her but nothing worked. He feels that yeah little ink boys(black little boys) are all over the news and are the biggest social issue's but truth be told girls is the real big deal. For example there was a news cast about a lady having a baby in the toilet and also another lady that had a baby and put it in a gym bag in she left it in her garage and it had died. 
         I feel that this article is very interesting because I have a person in my family that is having a baby and she don't know what to do with it.  So now i hope that she don't be like the girls in this article and throw it out because she is lost and alone and feel she should not look up to her responsibility.

   If this was in my world I would make sure that anyone I know that is going threw it make the right choices.

Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lesson

The main problem is that a father lost his daughter and he didn't think this would happen. The father wrote this because he doesn't want other parents to lose their daughter(s). The father also wrote this article because he is still raising his 6 year old daughter and he doesn't want her to end up like his first daughter.
The article made me feel sad and mad at the same time. I felt that way because what the man is saying it's all true. I know that some girls have already left their homes for a life in the street. In the article it said that girls fight girls over boys, but you don't see boys fighting each other over girls. I think this is true too. This article had a lot of true information inside of it. I think that this was a good article for my class to read.

Teen Girls Need Self- Worth Lessons

Well who was involved in this article was a father of a teen.  Well what happened in the article was that the father of the teen is telling us that teen girls are changing the way they are to impress boys and see what they would say 2 themselves.  Well when it happen was all the time in life with teen girls.  Well it happens all over the world with girls.  Well it happens because girls always want to impress boys, and always want to be like an other person so boys can like them.  It happens because teen girls always wan to be something there not.

Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lessons

This article was about the teen girls of today who has low self esteem and lets other people words eat them up with criticism. It also tells how girls need to open there eyes and how the teen girls of today are showing bad example to the young.

Girls Need Self Worth Lessons

The title of my story is Teen Girls Needs Self-Worth Lessons. The story is about how this father sees his daughters reflection when he looks at bad girls. The article said that boys get all the ink black boys in particular, but girls are really just as bad as boys. Some might say girls aren't in the newspaper or news but they are. Some girls do robberies, shoplifting, and some of them sell drugs .

Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lesson

The story Teen Girls Need Self -Worth lesson is about a father that Lost his daughter because she made so many bad decisions , she ran away from home. The father is trying to inform girls to think good about them self's don't be a follower because you will end up in the wrong path. For example if a guy and a girlfriend and they are watching t.v and the guy says the girl from the show  is pretty his girlfriend will try to look the same as the girl from the television. Also if a boy says something mean about a girl and the girl doesn't do nothing and the guy is walking alone in the streets and the girl gets guys to jump him his going to pay the consequences.

Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lessons

The story was about a father who lost his daughter because he wasn't paying close attention to her and she ran away. The father talks about how girls pay more attention to what boys says and not to what girls say. Like if a boy tells a girl her hair is weird or you fat they going to want to get anorexic or go put a weave on because what they boyfriend is telling them but they should not listen to they boyfriend because what they boyfriend is going to do is going to get them into trouble.

Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lessons

The story was about a father that lost his daughter by not paying attention to her and she ran away or left home. The father talks about how girls pay more attention to what boys say but not what girl says. For example if a boy tell a girl she ugly she try to change her look but if a girl tells a girl she ugly they have an argument. Also the father has a 6 year old daughter that is growing and he doesn't want to lose her so he wants her to always believe that she is beautiful. Also the father thinks that the music of today and the videos are not good because then if a girl like a boy and he like some girl on t.v she might want to change her look to look like her. Also the father says that girls think that if they do something they wont get a consequences but then something worse happens to them like they might get killed or jumped.

Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lessons

   Hi my name is Omary I am a 7th grader in New York. The reason I am writing post because I want to talk to you about teen girls who need more control over themselves. The main idea is that teen girls need to control themselves and get their lives together.

I feel that teen girls should control themselves by going to a psychologist or their just mess up their lives if they don't at least try to talk to someone before they make these troubling choices.
And end up with all of these problems. I they don't at least try to talk to someone their going to have to make these disastrous choices.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear , All pregnant teens
Hello , My name is Kimberlee. I'm from the Bronx N.y. I'm in Junior High School Attending I.S 339. I been hearing a lot of things about teen girls getting pregnant and how they are proud of having there baby, well let me tell you that no teen girl is responsible to have a baby because some aren't even responsible for their own self's. Also the parents agreeing to the fact that there child the one they thought was a good girl is pregnant, and I'm not hear to talk about how parents care about there child getting pregnant but simply because I really want them to stop and think before they do anything. I feel really surprised and angry because teen girls are getting pregnant and they give little kids bad influence. For example my cousins girlfriend has a baby and my sister had said that she wanted a baby so I felt so Surprised and I was full of anger because now my little sister has in her head that she wants a baby. I feel that way because it bothers me to see all these teen girls like I said before they're giving little kids bad influence and I hope that when you done reading this post you'll get a picture in your head about how I feel
Hello My Name is Bilali Sidibeh and I'm in the 7th grade. I live in the bronx. School is important to me and it really bothers me that some students think that it is ok to drop-out of school!  I am writing this post in hopes that I can reach those that are in high school now and those that have already dropped out of school.  I want to talk about High School Drop Outs because I feel like without the proper education you are setting yourself up for failure! I feel that way because when high schoolers  drop out they don't think of there not thinking of the job they can get and the money they can make     

school drop outs!

     My name is Kemelin Gonzalez from the Bronx.  I am a seventh grader attending I.S 339.  I think that it is important for all individuals to get a good education. One issue that really gets under my skin, is the fact that kids don't value getting a good education.  in hopes that maybe if you were thinking of dropping out, you wouldn't.  I am also writing this letter in hopes that if you have already dropped out, you will see that you made a bad decision and you need to go back to school.the reason i wrote this letter   I have been hearing and reading about how teenagers now a days are dropping out of middle school and high school for no apparent reason. Some even drop out for silly reasons like going to hookies which involves being part of an entertainment or sometimes they don't find a place to cut so they just stay home.In closing, I would like you to think about how we already have enough people in this society that didn't take school seriously when they had the opportunity to.  Please listen to the advice that I just gave you in my letter.  Stay in school!  Your education is important if you plan on having a successful future.


Wait your turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Hawa and I'm try to stop 1 issues that bothers me. I'm writing this post because it is getting out of hand. That everyone know is going out of hand every year. It is teenage pregnancy. All of my post talk about what happens when  you become a teen mom. I feel that teen pregnancy is not necessary. Why can't you wait to be a adult to have a baby? I'm letting you wait until you be a adult. Do you think how much it cost to take care of a baby? Think before doing something that is extremely wrong that would change your life. I feel that teenagers that already had their baby is going through a lot of trouble. I'm want you all teens to think. Remember the little ones and how they are going to follow your foot steps. Stop getting pregnant and wait your turn.




Hello My Name is Jared and I'm in the 7Th grade. I am from the Bronx. My issue is people that use steroids. I'm writing this post because this is an issue that is really annoying me and I would like it to stop. I feel like this issue is a sickness because people could die and suffer a lot of consequences for using steroids. Why do people use steroids instead of just playing fair. People take steroids so they could get better and stronger at a sport. It's not good to take steroids because you could suffer a lot of consequences. The following consequences are going to jail or being suspended from playing at a sport because thats cheating.

Teens having Sex! X0

"Hey!" My name is Eylin.  I am a student at Cis 339 in the Bronx.  I am writing this letter to talk to you about an issue that I really feel strongly about!  That issue is Teens having Sex!  This issue bothers me for a number of reasons.  It is my hope that by the time that you finish reading this letter, that I will have had said something that might make sure that you really think about your actions and the consequences of your actions.

i really feel that having sex underage is really unreasonable and stupid. and i say this because you really don't know  what can happen. You could catch a disease like HIV or AIDS! . and you really wouldnt like to catch that because there is no cure for that disease.  

I hate bullies

Hi my name is Omary from New York. Im in the 7th grade. And the reason you are reading this post because I have a social issue that bothers me the most. Its bullying. Bullying bothers me the most because it hurts the people that you are bullying. Bullying is just so stupid because when someone says sticks and stones can break my bones but words never hurt me. Well guess what it really hurts them. My opinion is that bullies should get the right consequences because I feel that bullies don't get the consequences. I believe if bullies get the right consequences then their wouldn't be any more bullies.

I feel that all bullies are just stupid for bullying because its mean and hurt full. And it hurts people feelings a lot. I personally hate bullies. I think bullies do it because they have no type of sense at all. I feel that way because I get bullied and I watch other people get bullied and its just mean.

Rape ( the Hatrid I have for raping)

       Hi parents and studens. My name is Dinahlee and I am  here to tell yo what my artical was about.  My artical was about raping. It was basically was about how people are going and raping other people and how I feel about that. Im going to tell you how I feel about raping. I feel that there is no purpose for it. I dont like it and I will do anything to stop it and sve the people and the world.


Hi my name is Dannybel. Anorexia is a mental disorder that makes people think that they are overweight when in fact they are so thin they look like a scarecrow. I wrote a letter of persuasion about anorexia. The reason I wrote that letter was because it bothers me that girls think it's okay to lose weight by not eating what they normally should on a daily basis. I want girls like that to read my letter and hopefully change their minds. Inside my letter I wrote about this terrible disease and what are the consequences these girls should be aware of.


Hello, I'm Abdiel. I am thirteen years old. The school that I go to is C.I.S.339. I live in the Bronx. I am writing this post because I feel that Vandalism is a very bad issue! . I really hate Vandalism. What is Vandalism you ask? Vandalism is when someone decides to destroy or damage public or private property. It is against the law to destroy or damage property that is not yours. It bothers me that someone thinks that it is alright to damage stuff that doesn't belong to them.
I feel that Vandalism is horrible and I wish people would think more about other people's property and stop damaging things that don't belong to them!

Dressing inappropriately

Hi my name is Selena,
When I was asked what really bothered me about the world that I live in , my answer was that women have a tendency to dress inappropriately! Dressing inappropriately can affect a woman's life in a major way.
I feel that the way these women and young girls are dressing are sickening. I feel that they are really making there lives hard and making people talk badly about them. I feel that people dress inappropriately for a reason they want to get attention and I feel that dressing like that isn't the only way to get some ones attention. I Feel dressing like that is being really nasty. I feel that way because I see people like that all the time and I do hear peoples comments when those people walk by.

Welcome to our Blog!

Hi we are class 705 of CIS 339 in the Bronx. We will be blogging about Social Issues that we feel strongly about! We decided as a class that we would blog about the issues that get under our skin in hopes that people in the society would read our thoughts and feelings and help us then make a difference in the World that we live in! Hopefully you will read something in our blog posts that persuades you to think in a different way about the issues that we feel are messing up our World! Feel free to comment on our posts and and tell us what you think about our class project!