Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working (excerpt)

This article is about a man that wanted to be curfew because he said that bad things was happening before when here was no curfew had went down a lot.  He wanted the world to be a better place and when he went and made curfew so that the bad things that was happening can stop.  They can make a change on everyone.  They made the crew to 8pm to 6am Sunday through Thursday and from 11 to 6pm and Saturday.
I feel that the article was very smart because if we do that then maybe the world be a better place and we can get a bigger population.  Also if we do this we might help our world a little bit more.
Well I think it might help but I'm not to sure because some people in this world would not like to do anything like that for our world. So I say no.

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