Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lessons

The article that I'm reading is about how a father has lost his daughter because she made disastrous choice after another. He has tried everything to approach her but nothing worked. He feels that yeah little ink boys(black little boys) are all over the news and are the biggest social issue's but truth be told girls is the real big deal. For example there was a news cast about a lady having a baby in the toilet and also another lady that had a baby and put it in a gym bag in she left it in her garage and it had died. 
         I feel that this article is very interesting because I have a person in my family that is having a baby and she don't know what to do with it.  So now i hope that she don't be like the girls in this article and throw it out because she is lost and alone and feel she should not look up to her responsibility.

   If this was in my world I would make sure that anyone I know that is going threw it make the right choices.

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