Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working (excerpt)

   This article was about how juvenile kids did not go by their curfews.  The rates was so high they had to do something to make a change now that they have change the curfew time the statistics prove that their curfew is working.  The new law is keeping youths off the streets and out of trouble.  Their new law is helping families be more responsive to their communities.

   I feel that this article was very good and interesting. I think that it was a good idea because a lot of young people are getting into trouble because they are always out all day and night.  Also it is making us more responsible and careful about our actions.

   I think it would work but people need to be willing to help us.  I think if we get a curfew it would help kids get off of the block and stay out of trouble for example gangs,drag dealers,robbers,and death. So I think that it would be best if we had a curfew to so we can be safe and not have to go threw the things that we see people go threw.   

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