Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working

 This Article was about the the programs that they have for juveniles.
It was about the laws that they commit and the hours and the consequences that they have. It is about how they take care of the juveniles.
I feel that they are doing a good job but they should be doing a little bit more about it and I think that they should give them a little bit more of a consequence.

more school, more smarts?

The article I read today was talking about how the gov and the mayor were thinking about making school year around or up to Saturday. but the kids don't agree with them they want there weekends off. also 3,000 other schools are already year around ,across th e country politicians and school offcials are suggesting that the answer to poor student achievement is more school.

More School More Smart

This article mainly talks about how they want more school for kids to have more education and how they want us to stay in school for longer so that we can have a higher grades and high grade average that was what this article mostly talk about.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More schools,More smarts?

This article was about how they want more days in the school years because they think that people in middle school have poor grades.  Also they think that they should put two hours after school also have a long summer and come back to school with a implement year round schedule.  Also they think that we should have 30 days extra after school is over because it would help our grades and achievement.

   I feel that this article is alright because some students don't want longer days in school. Also i think that we should just keep the school year the way it is and not change it.

    I don't think this would work where we live because some kids don't even go to school also some kids don't like to stay long hours after school and some have places to go.  Also I think that we should just keep our school year the way it is because it isn't going to change anything.

More School, More Smarts?

 This article was about how they want to change our school hours and they want to put more days because they figure that if we be there longer that we will learn more and our grades will grow. 
I think that school should not be longer because if people do not like to learn now then they are not going to want to stay longer and for more days they are just going to do the same that they are doing now. 

This article was about how people want more school or longer school days. I this article it talks about how the mayors of different states wants more school or longer school days because they wanted the education to increase so students can all get a high grade.

More School, More Smarts?

In the first paragraph of the story More School, More Smarts? talks about how the government is trying to put in money to make more days of school and hours. They trying to make us smarter by giving us more days and hours of stressed.