Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teen Girls Need Self-Worth Lessons

The story was about a father that lost his daughter by not paying attention to her and she ran away or left home. The father talks about how girls pay more attention to what boys say but not what girl says. For example if a boy tell a girl she ugly she try to change her look but if a girl tells a girl she ugly they have an argument. Also the father has a 6 year old daughter that is growing and he doesn't want to lose her so he wants her to always believe that she is beautiful. Also the father thinks that the music of today and the videos are not good because then if a girl like a boy and he like some girl on t.v she might want to change her look to look like her. Also the father says that girls think that if they do something they wont get a consequences but then something worse happens to them like they might get killed or jumped.

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