Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working

The article "Our Juvenile Curfew is Working" is about how the mayor of New Orleans created the Juvenile Curfew Law. The law is capable if being applied to children under the age of 17. It takes place in a Curfew center in which parents are instructed to pick up their children after curfew hours and to attend counseling sessions. After a certain amount of days, global crime had dropped immensely. The statistics proved the community's curfew is working and will continue.
I feel like this law was a very good idea and I'm glad that the mayor cared so much about his community that he decided to take a huge step and create this law. I strongly believe that this was very smart of him and he actually made a difference. 
I believe this law would work here in New York but only if the children's parents cooperate. I say this because there are many cases where kids behave the way they do because their parents don't care about their actions. 

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