Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More School, More Smarts?

This story was about a V.I.P. This story is about a adult who wants more school days and more people being smart. In this story it talks about how the mayor of different states wants more longer school days. They want it because the education is very poor so they want it to increase.
Children could get a high grade.

I feel that student should not have more school days because what about the day off.
I also feel that we should have more school days because many people are failing classes.
I feel that if kids learn it would be easier.
It wouldn't be no one thinking of kids having more schools.

If it was where I live it would be good.
I think that because kids here aren't learning.
KIds would learn more and be smart.
Kids wouldn't go to summer school.
It would be easier of kids. 

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