Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Juvenile Curfew is Working (excerpt)

This article is about having curfew hours so the city could be more safer. The curfew hours was to all of the kids. And if the kids broke the law they wouldn't go to jail. The curfew hours were 8:00Pm to 6:00Am. And it says that the juvenile crime decreased 38%. After 90 days overall crime had dropped by 14.6%. The crimes most significantly affected were armed robbery down 29%. Auto theft down 28%. And murder down 26%. As compared with the summer of 1993

I feel that this article would work in my neighborhood because their would be less killing and less drug dealers and less violence. And there wouldn't be that much kids dying because they stay outside for too long. I think this worked because all of these crimes went down.

I think this would work all over the world because all these crimes would drop down even less than the percent they showed.

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