Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More schools,More smarts?

This article was about how they want more days in the school years because they think that people in middle school have poor grades.  Also they think that they should put two hours after school also have a long summer and come back to school with a implement year round schedule.  Also they think that we should have 30 days extra after school is over because it would help our grades and achievement.

   I feel that this article is alright because some students don't want longer days in school. Also i think that we should just keep the school year the way it is and not change it.

    I don't think this would work where we live because some kids don't even go to school also some kids don't like to stay long hours after school and some have places to go.  Also I think that we should just keep our school year the way it is because it isn't going to change anything.

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